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My name is Penina Silber, and  have been gainfully  employed as an elementary school art teacher for several years. During the Covid pandemic, my school made major changes within the school, one of them, being asked to help out in the English department. Being the daughter of an English teacher, and native English speaker, I was given the challenge of teaching a group of third grade students. In teaching the children letter recognition and vocabulary, and seeing the difficulties that some students experienced, I came up with a few ways to make the process easier.  Finding cognates for words for each of the letters and illustrating them using the actual letter made the learning fun and very successful for the students ingraining within them a visual memory. Working with an experienced graphic artist we developed the alphabet chart and our company AlphaBeta was born. We are constantly working on additional products and currently sell flip charts, extra-large posters for the classroom (there are those who purchased them for decorating their children's bedroom), and smaller charts for use by the individual student. On the drawing board for the future are memory games, coloring books and a few other surprises. Covid brought many changes to our lives and we pray for a calmer year.  In my case, our new product was developed as a result of my being "exposed" to a new situation in my teaching career. Hoping you like our products.

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Hanna Katten

It's a wonderful teaching aid ..The children love the colorful pictures representing the cognates. It's also a lovely poster for the children's bedroom ..

Shanit Sharabi

קיבלת את הפוסטרים המקסימים! מקווה שעוד נשתף פעולה בעתיד..
הפלקט מאוד משמש את התלמידים החלשים, ואפילו העברתי שניים למורות אחרות בצוות

Sharon Kleinerman

My students love your poster!

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